How to Find a Forex Broker Who will not steal you without your Knowledge

It is not easy to know what to look for in a Forex broker who you will deal with him, especially in a market characterized by such a degree of complexity as is the case in the currency markets. But if you want to work in this market will need to deal with a good Forex broker. It may be tempting to simply be directed questions directly to the broker to know from him what that can do for you, but you cannot rely on brokers and only to get the correct answer. For this instead, I have compiled some of the few things that should be put in mind when choosing a Forex broker. You will need to broker Forex which displays different spread prices are, the spread, which is calculated in the form of points, is the difference between the price at which you can sell a particular currency and the price at which you can buy at a certain point in time. Since the Forex brokers do not charge a commission for their services, this difference is the return which they will receive. Low spread prices will save you some money.


In parallel with this, you should be looking for a Forex broker who has a link to a financial institution with a good reputation. Unlike stock brokers, the Forex be linked to banks and major lending institutions. Companies also must be registered with the Futures Trading Commission ((FCM and also be subject to the regulations of the Commission on trade commodity futures contracts (CFTC).

Once that limit the choice of these brokers who will not cost you a lot of money as well as enjoying a good reputation, you will begin to look at the tools of the trade they make. And Forex brokers are usually offering to their customers’ different trading platforms, completely as it happens in the other markets. These platforms are viewing the graphs in real-time, technical analysis tools, data and instant news can also provide support to the various trading systems.

Before joining one of these companies, request copies experimental tools that they offer. Brokers typically provide summaries of technical and fundamental market, notebook economic and other search tools to help you do a successful trade. Wandering in marketing your trip until you find a Forex broker who will give you everything you need in order to achieve success.

The other point that must be carefully evaluated is options leverage to be provided by your broker likely. Leverage is a need for intuitive because of currency fluctuations in the form of fractions of a cent. Leverage is expressed as a percentage of total financial capital available to the trade and the actual head of the owner. For example, while the broker offers ratio leverage 1: 100, this means that he will loan $ 100 for every $ 1 of the actual head of the owner. Many brokerage firms offer financial levers of up to 1: 250. If he was a young head of the owner will need to brokerage services that provide you with high levels of leverage to be able to make a reasonable profit.

If capital is not a problem for you, any Forex broker offers a wide range of leverage options would be a good choice for you. Variety of leverage options allow you to change the amount of risk you want to carry around during trade. For example, the small lever (and thus with limited risk) may be preferred if you trade in currency pairs, which is characterized by a high degree of volatility.

In parallel with these different levels of leverage, look for brokers who offer various types of trading accounts. Many brokers will find them provide two or more of these accounts. Smaller account in this regard so-called mini account and often requires a minimum deposit ranges from about $ 300. Mini account is also usually accompanied by high levels of leverage.

Standard account will allow you to trade with different composition of leverage, but it requires a minimum initial capital up to $ 2000. Finally, there are special accounts, which usually require a large amount of capital to be opened. Also usually does hang at different levels of leverage available to traders use. As well as tools and other additional services be customized to the owners of these accounts. You will need to make sure whether the broker you choose provides leverage tools and services appropriate to the amount of capital they are going to work.

Brokerage firm that meets all these needs are supposed to be good for the Forex broker can work with him, but will still need to ascertain the extent of their honesty. Intermediaries who do not have integrity they might some actions such as the fraudulent manipulation of the buy and sell prices (usually referred to as the fishing operations and Priest) may also do some other bad behavior that eventually cost you your money.

Definitely you will not find any brokerage firm recognizes that they carry out such acts, but there are many ways you can be sure of this if they practice it. The best ways to learn more about Forex broker that you intend to deal with it is to talk to other traders. There is no list or an organization of all unfair practices, but visit the Internet forums that displays discussions about these things, or even talk with some traders often will reveal to you is the honest broker than others.

You should also see whether the brokerage company has strict rules for the sidelines. Since you are trading with borrowed money, the Forex broker will have the final say in how much risk you can tolerate it. You agree that when you sign a contract when you open a margin account. This means that the company can buy or sell based on their estimates, to achieve the interests of the brokerage firm, which could have consequences influential it.

Suppose, for example, that you have a margin account, and start your trading center to deteriorate sharply before recovering to record peaks. Even if you have enough money to cover this initial decline; some brokers they may liquidate your position with the first margin call when the account reaches a low point. This behavior on their part will cost you dearly. For this must know whether the company may carry out such actions by talking with other traders. Be familiar with all aspects related to Forex mediator before to take the decision to deal with them will allow you to begin work in the Forex market and you are great confidence in what you’re doing dont forget to try accurate forex signals .